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regenerative agriculture planner

Now Hiring: Regenerative Agriculture Planner

* This position has been filled *

Regenerative Agriculture. Ecosystem Restoration. Agroforestry.

Regenerative Design Group is seeking an experienced regenerative agriculture planner to help our highly collaborative team provide design, management, and technical consulting services to a wide range of clients throughout the U.S. and beyond. This new team member will support farmers, landowners, and agricultural service providers in adopting regenerative agriculture and ecological land stewardship practices that support farm income, farm communities, and ecosystem function.

Although part of RDG’s Regenerative Agriculture wing, this new team member will also collaborate with staff from our Ecological Landscape Design and Resilience Research and Planning wings. Together, our team works on a variety of public and private projects ranging from small farm design to bioregional planning. This year, after 11 years of operations, we converted to democratic ownership and management as a seven member worker-owned cooperative.

Current and recently completed projects include: the Massachusetts Healthy Soils Action Plan; design and construction oversight of four urban farms with the Urban Farming Institute of Boston and Gardening the Community in Springfield, MA; farm and agroforestry planning for numerous small and mid-sized operations; soil health and carbon sequestration tracking on a 7.5 acre chestnut agroforestry project; and ongoing collaboration with the NGO Regenerative Farms, which is focused on accelerating adoption of regenerative agriculture and agroforestry to empower women and indigenous farm communities globally.

Our new regenerative agriculture planner will have a deep understanding of RA’s role in climate change adaptation/mitigation, ecosystem restoration, and the development of  regenerative systems for human communities. We seek a motivated and passionate team member with some capacity in the areas below, an eagerness to learn, ability to work independently, and focus to get the job done.

Areas of Knowledge + experience:

  • Regenerative agriculture in primarily temperate climates
  • Agroforestry
  • Productive conservation
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Food systems and regional food policy
  • Food sovereignty and land justice

Desired Experience + Skills:

  • Agriculture/farming, agroecology
  • Resilience planning, community and food system resilience
  • Perennial crop systems
  • Ecology, biodiversity, ecosystem patterns
  • Permaculture and whole systems design
  • Soil sampling, in-field soil assessment, soil test interpretation
  • Ability to develop soil health and whole farm management plans
  • Observation and assessment of landscape patterns like slope, soils, vegetation and human use
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Grant writing, fundraising
  • Work with landowners and clients through planning and design processes
  • Project management
  • Computer skills in some or all of Adobe Creative Suite, QGIS, Sketchup, Word/Excel

Roles + Responsibilities

  • Lead planning processes for farm clients
  • Conduct farm planning, farm business planning + enterprise budgeting
  • Provide technical support in crop planning (primarily perennials)
  • Manage projects to ensure excellent outcomes for clients, clear communication, and profitability
  • Project development and project management
  • Contribute to the evolution of agriculture through thought leadership + public engagement
  • Consulting with other RDG staff on agricultural components for projects in the Planning + Landscape Design wings


Pay: Commensurate with experience

Time Commitment: 3/4 to full time

Location: Our studio location is in Greenfield, MA. For this position, we may consider remote work depending on experience and personal constraints.



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