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We support the implementation of your landscape or construction project through stewardship and management services that ensure best practice and timely completion.

 Stewardship Plan

A Stewardship Plan sets forth regenerative and restorative methods for managing your land, including care for woodlands, wetlands, meadows, and designed gardens. This document identifies your desired future land conditions and uses, provides descriptions of management types and timing, and specifies details for plant care and plant removal. Our Stewardship Plans focus on improving wildlife habitat, optimizing productivity, and protecting recreational opportunities. They are tailored to budget and time constraints.

 Project Management

We help landowners, businesses, and farmers coordinate and manage the design-to-installation process by working with contractors, architects, and engineers to bring beautiful, forward-thinking designs to life – within budget and on time. Professional project management reduces waste, costs, and mistakes, and results in a better project.

 Site Work

Our team of landscapers, carpenters, and masons are available to help landowners install our designs. In addition to sourcing local, native, and affordable plants and materials, we provide management plans and maintenance guidance to help ensure a productive and thriving future for our landscape designs.

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