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Wildside Cottage and Garden- New Website!

Our friend, client and inspired landowner, Sue Bridge, has set up a non-profit organization and new website for her educational, demonstration homestead, Wildside Cottage and Gardens in Conway Massachusetts. You can take a look at the new website here and learn more about the project.

We’ve been working at Wildside Cottage and Gardens for five years and have designed and installed numerous aspects of the homestead including a forest garden, terraces, nut grove, earth-bermed, green-roof greenhouse, rice paddy, black locust kiwi arbor, wet meadow boardwalk and pond, experimental garden fencing, and numerous plantings throughout.

Wildside Cottage and Gardens is now an official non-profit and able to fundraise for operating expenses. Jono is an active board member, helping guide the organization as it plans for the coming years of demonstrating ecological approaches to living on the land, living more simply, and producing yields of food, fiber, and medicine.


(Aerial photo- taken with a drone- of Wildside Cottage and Gardens. Rice paddy in the lower left and the forest garden in the foreground. The Cottage with green roof and energy systems behind it is on top of the hill.)



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