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A collaboration among long-time friends to develop a model regenerative farm in North Carolina’s Piedmont Region.

Cases + Tysingers | Chapel Hill, NC

We met Walt and Debbie Tysinger while working on a master plan for the Sarah + Bailey Williamson Preserve at Walnut Hill, a property of Triangle Land Conservancy (TLC). At the time, Walt was land manager for TLC’s 6,000+ acres and he and Debbie were the live-in caretakers at the conservancy’s  Irvin Farm. Looking to transition to regenerative farming full-time, Walt and Debbie saw an opportunity to collaborate with their friends Suzanne and Matt Case of Clear Wind Farm, a therapeutic horse farm in Chapel Hill. Together, a synergistic group of goals emerged, built around holistic land management, community resilience, and meaningful work.

Walt’s vision for a diverse farmstead included an intensive 2-acre market garden, native plant nursery, forest garden trial area, berries and small fruit, and broadscale alley cropping and silvopasture. We loved helping Walt with the first steps of such a wonderful endeavor and are eager to see how the farm grows and develops.

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Key Features

  • Alley Cropping
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Silvopasture
  • Agroforestry

Services Provided

  • Mapping
  • Site Analysis + Assessment
  • Concept Development
  • Crop Assessments
  • Crop Layouts

We need support in developing a farm design that ties a variety of potential farm enterprises together in a comprehensive functional farm ecosystem that regenerates the soil; infiltrates and filters water; increases biodiversity; and generates a viable income for one or more farmers.


Excerpt from Client Questionnaire

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