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The Dandelion Project is a collaboration between a chef and a farmer. Their vision is to model mid-scale agroforestry in the Northeast that increases resiliency in the regional food system, while building community through farm dinners and on-site sales. As a new member of the New Hampshire-based Crows Feat Farm Collective, Dandelion Project needed support getting their vision on paper, in a way that could guide decision making over time. RDG provided mapping, site assessments, crop assessments and a schematic layout of nut and fruit crops, herbaceous alley crops and meadows.

Read more about the Crows Feat Collective here.

Look for updates from the Dandelion Project here.



Key Features

  • Chestnut Alley Cropping
  • Coppice Zone for Biomass + Soil Improvement
  • Pollinator Wet Meadow

Services Provided

  • Mapping + Site Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Schematic Field Layouts

The Dandelion Project is a journey into the world of edible perennial crops, rebuilding soil health, and sharing abundance. Linh’s drive is to apply her systems-thinking and scientific approach to support a better quality of life for our communities. She is focused on strengthening local food networks while creating natural habitats.

Excerpt from Crows Feat Farm website

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