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Building Healthy Soil, State by State

Here’s a hopeful read about states that are providing incentives for carbon farming, written by Diane Donlon at the Center for Food Safety. Diane leads Soil Solutions—a program communicating the importance of rebuilding soil health for food security, fresh water availability, and climate stability.

“A handful of states around the country have begun to recognize the importance of carbon farming as an expedient tool to fight climate change. What’s carbon farming? Eric Toensmeier, author of The Carbon Farming Solution, describes it as ‘a suite of crops and agricultural practices that sequester carbon in the soil and in perennial vegetation like trees.’ If carbon farming were widely implemented, it could return billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere—where there’s currently too much, to the soil where there’s too little. Carbon in the soil, i.e. soil carbon, becomes a resource that increases food, water and climate security.”

Read the full piece here.

May 2019 Update: Regenerative Design Group has been awarded a contract to develop a Healthy Soils Action Plan for Massachusetts! Read all about it here.

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