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Eric Giordano

Eric is a designer, musician, and avid composter. He began his journey in ecological design growing food and organizing at several community gardens in Brooklyn, NY. There, he built rainwater harvesting systems, ran a composting hub, and contributed design thinking for several garden projects including installation of renewable energy systems. He received a Permaculture Design Certification from the Center for Bioregional Living, a Master Composter Certification from the NYC Compost Project, a Certificate of Horticulture from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and a Masters of Science in Ecological Design from the Conway School in Northampton, MA. As a member of Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA, Eric is dedicated to rethinking the way we meet human needs in a way that honors and regenerates Earth’s living systems.

Laura Krok-Horton

Associate Landscape Designer

Laura is an ecological designer who believes that designed spaces are a balance of creativity and practicality that function not only for the benefit of the community but the natural environment. Around the studio she is usually working on maps, plan-sets, site analysis and hand drawn graphics. If she’s not sharing a new command in AutoCAD, you can find her crafting intricate pop-up cards for her friends and colleagues. Laura holds a BA from Smith College in Architecture and Landscape Studies.

Genevieve Lawlor

Associate Landscape Designer

Genevieve is a designer, artist, and food systems enthusiast with a lifelong interest in how the built environment reflects and forms individuals and communities. She brings to her work a balance of analytical, conceptual, and on-the-ground skills, honed over many years working on agriculture and landscape projects domestically and abroad. Genevieve seeks to create useful and beautiful spaces that build ecological integrity, engage the senses, and inspire connection to the landscapes we inhabit. She holds a MA in Ecological Landscape Design and Planning from The Conway School.

Anna Klein

Studio Manager

Anna Klein is the studio manager at Regenerative Design Group. She is also a self-employed gardener and works on her homestead in Vermont. Anna earned a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2012, and has a BA from Hampshire College.

Rachel Lindsay

Associate Landscape Designer

Rachel draws from her experiences in farming, community development, and graphic communication to engage people in the design process with cultural sensitivity and environmental integrity. In her role as Head of Landscape Design at Regenerative Design Group, she brings high levels of energy and creativity toward connecting people with their landscapes. Her work is informed by a passion for making art, growing food, exploring the world of native plants and local ecology, and past time living in Latin America. She holds an MS in Ecological Design from The Conway School and a BA in Anthropology from Wesleyan University. When she isn’t working, she may be found messing around in her garden, cooking with the latest harvest, or hiking with her husband and young daughter.


Sebastian “Bas” Gutwein

Designer, Principal

Sebastian is a living systems designer and founding partner of Regenerative Design Group. His work draws from his interests in the arts, ecology, politics, and place. Bas combines his artistic sensibilities with practical skills gained in farming, construction, and stonework to create resilient and beautiful landscapes. As a systems thinker, Bas excels at solving complex design challenges ranging from water conveyance to administrative organization. He teaches Surveying, the Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD and GIS at The Conway School. Bas holds a BS in Environmental Design from UMass.

Keith Zaltzberg

Designer, Principal

Keith is a founding partner of Regenerative Design Group. His approach to design is grounded in understanding the ecological and social potential of place, rigorous analysis, and systematic assessment. Keith combines this approach with on-the-ground skills and a strong social justice mission to create landscapes that are rooted in place and community. He is a popular lecturer and instructor on permaculture design, urban agriculture, community resilience planning, and food systems. Keith has taught at The Conway School and Smith College. He is a certified Permaculture Designer, and holds a BS in Environmental Design from UMass-Amherst.

Jono Neiger

Designer, Principal

Jono Neiger leads RDG’s Regenerative Agriculture Wing. He has 30 years of professional experience in permaculture, site planning, agroforestry, conservation, and restoration. Jono teaches widely at colleges, workshops, and conferences. He has taught at The Conway School and was the founding Board President of the Permaculture Association of the Northeast. Before starting RDG, Jono worked as a land manager for Lost Valley Educational Center, a Conservation Officer for the Town of Palmer, MA and a Restoration Specialist with the Nature Conservancy. He holds a MALD from The Conway School and a BS in Forest Biology from S.U.N.Y. College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Jono is the author of The Permaculture Promise and the founder of Big River Chestnuts, a chestnut agroforestry farm in Sunderland, MA.

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