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South River Miso Projects

South River Miso Projects

100_2452Rice Paddy at South River Miso, Conway, Massachusetts. This paddy at 35′ diameter (about 960 square feet) has produced 100 pound of rice in a season.

SRM_130904_1287Helena building the retaining/sitting  wall by the small pond

SRM_130815_1338Grading work in process

SRM_130815_1340David Fisher working with the horses, Natural Roots CSA, across the South River.

SRM_131118_1386The retaining walls and pond with waterfall completed by the end of the season. Just enough time to get the cover crop going.

This is part of our ongoing work with South River Miso, Christian and Gaella Elwell, and the great folks at Natural Roots CSA next door. We’ve been helping with site planning, detailed design for gardens and plantings around the home renovation, miso business  functional operations, and permitting an access road to a new farm field across the river. (We had a great meeting with the local conservation commission to review our work in the wetland buffer and a stream crossing, and it looks like our permit will be approved.)

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