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RDG Grows Permaculture at UMass

As part of our on-going work with the Permaculture Initiative at Umass, Amherst, our Principal, Jono Neiger taught a course this spring leading students through the design of a food producing garden at the Chancellor’s House.  Students gain valuable experience and learned hands-on skills as they worked together to design and build this beautiful and productive garden now known as “the Hillside Garden”.  The garden will be maintained by the capable and hard-working UMass Permaculture Committee and will be a place where students, faculty and administrators can engage in both conversation and action about sustainability and productive landscapes!  Read about this course, the Hillside Garden and other efforts in the UMass Permaculture eNewsletter.

The Hillside Garden builds upon recent success and acclaim of the Franklin and Berkshire permaculture gardens, whose design and implementation were also facilitated by RDG.  Check out our design drawings.  Read and watch more about UMass Permaculture.

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