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Through a participatory master planning process, a family gains a deeper understanding of the context of their land within the surrounding landscape, and develops a beautiful, comfortable, healthy home.

A Holistic Home, Greater Boston Area, MA

Across New England, dense forest has been cleared to make space for houses, sometimes leaving an abrupt edge that can provoke the feeling of living in a scar on the landscape. Hoping to soften this impact, a family in Groton approached Regenerative Design Group to help them meet specific criteria to improve their home experience and design a holistic living landscape. The design, which has been implemented over the past five years, includes an outdoor kitchen, a revised driveway alignment, a softened transition from yard to the forest, and a beautiful, productive, comfortable, low-maintenance landscape.

RDG worked closely with the landowner, first facilitating an open discussion of family goals, vision and ideas while also conducting a thorough site analysis. This lead to a conceptual master plan, which was discussed and revised with the client, and finally the process culminated in the preparation of detailed construction documents and planting plans, and a long-term master plan including management guidelines.

Our team also looked beyond the properties boundaries for opportunities to connect to, and improve, the wider landscape. The residence is located in a small cleared patch of a very large forest matrix fragmented by similar patches and road corridors and interspersed with ponds, wetlands, and streams. The surrounding wetlands and forests provide an opportunity for an improved landscape design and land management practices to contribute increased quality of habitat for wildlife.

Key Features

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Annual vegetable gardens
  • Rainwater collection
  • Pond
  • Enhanced wildlife habitat along the forest edge

Services Provided

  • Goals definition
  • GIS and hand-rendered maps
  • Site analyses
  • Schematic site plan
  • Detailed planting plan

I want the landscape to feed me and refresh me and entertain me, and make me proud to share it.

Holistic Home Client

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