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Belize Advanced Permaculture Design Course

Belize Advanced Permaculture Design Course

Come join our team for an intensive 6-day agroforestry systems and site design course in the tropical paradise of the Maya Mountain Research Farm!

Course Overview:  Led by local permaculture experts, this hands-on course will focus on both the design process and the development of detailed infrastructure plans for regenerative farming systems.

Learning from the maturing agroforestry systems of Maya Mountain’s educational facility, design teams will develop options for hillside farming systems, water and access infrastructure, and soil-generating polycultures.

Details: We will review perennial farming systems including tree cropping, perennial polycultures, silvopasture, coppice, and support elements from contour hedgerows to green corrals. Case studies of market farms from both cold and tropical climates will provide inspiration, lessons, and models for mimicry.

This Advanced Permaculture Design Course is open to Permaculture Design Course graduates and others with on-the-ground experience in permaculture and agroforestry. Graduates will gain an Advanced Design Certificate.

Dates: March 9nd through 14th, 2014 at Maya Mountain Research Farm in Southern Belize.

Cost: $650. Includes course, food, and lodging. Travel expenses are not included.

Host Site: Maya Mountain Research Farm is a lush tropical food forest. Established in 1988, Maya Mountain is one of Central America’s oldest permaculture farms and demonstrates mature agroforesty systems.


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