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Jono Neiger: Questioning the Invasive Species Paradigm

This year’s Ecological Landscape Association Conference, Sustaining the Living Landscape, is packed with talks and workshops all about designing, building, restoring, and stewarding living landscapes.

Jono Neiger, one of RDG’s founders and the author of The Permaculture Promise, will offer a talk entitled “Questioning the Invasive Species Paradigm”. Jono will take a broad perspective and review recent scientific insights to better understand invasive species and our responses to them. Participants will discuss the challenging emotional and cultural aspects of the invasive species paradigm and identify new ways of thinking about and managing these plants.

All perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.

March 8th, 1:30pm – 3pm, UMASS Amherst.

Check out the ELA site for more info.

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