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Hedgerow and Windbreak Workshop

On October 26th, Jono will present Hedgerows and Windbreaks for Farm, Garden, and Home Landscape at Berkshire Botanical Garden in Great Barrington, MA. We’re really excited about making these edge zones of our homes and farms into productive, multi-functional spaces. Imagine the hedgerow along your farm road producing fruit, nuts, and supporting pollinators all at once. Add in the potential for this edge to block intense winds and protect crops or animals and it just keeps getting better. Hedgerow Grab

Windbreaks are an agroforestry approach which can mean real savings in energy use for a home, feed that livestock need to maintain through the winter, and reduced damage or stress on crops. In the image above, we designed a windbreak and planted it at Amethyst Farm in Amherst, MA. Now in its second year its beginning to take shape and yield a few currants and gooseberries.

Hope to see you at the workshop!

Hedgerow and Windbreak Workshop at Berkshire Botanical Garden- more information here.



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