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Design, permitting, and implementation services to stabilize a backyard slope failure, and reestablish a vibrant, vegetated wetland buffer using bio-engineering practices.

Backyard Slope Stabilization, Western Massachusetts

In October 2005, excessive rains washed a section of the backyard of this residence into a wetland 50 feet below. After ten years, our team was brought onto the project to provide an affordable and ecological approach to slope stabilization. Because the section of the yard that was damaged is located in the buffer zone of a designated Bordering Vegetated Wetland, Regenerative Design Group worked with the local Conservation Commission to provide the necessary construction documents and complete the permitting to increase the stability and safety of the slope, while strengthening the biodiversity of wetland butter.

LEED-certified landscape architect Tom Benjamin, who has extensive experience with slope stabilization work, worked as a lead designer on this project together with Jono Neiger, RDG principal and restoration ecologist.  The primary goals of the project that were met, including ensuring the house is safe from further erosion, halting further negative impacts to the bordering wetland and stream and creating a flat yard without a dangerous edge.

The approach taken was substantially less intrusive and damaging to the existing wetland and resource areas than plans previous engineering firms had provided to the family. As much as possible, current vegetation was untouched. A combination of bioengineering approaches, including coir logs, straw wattle, logs and live stakes cut from on site, seeding, and stone rip rap along drainage channels was used to create live slope protection. For this project, RDG provided full services from design and permitting documents to implementation and construction oversight.

Key Features

  • Bioengineering methods for slope stabilization
  • Increased safety
  • Native plant establishment
  • Ecosystem enhancement
  • Enhanced wildlife habitat

Services Provided

  • Soil, vegetation, and wetland analyses
  • Permitting compliance
  • Schematic site design
  • Construction documents
  • Planting plan
  • Construction management
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring

I can not say enough about the exemplary service Regenerative Design Group provided to me and my family. Whether one has a small project or an extremely large one like mine, I would definitely consider speaking with them to get an alternative, environmentally friendly view of what can be done.

Backyard Slope Stabilization Client

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